Thursday, 29 July 2010

There is a number of interesting stories that one can relay about this past week. We have seen everything from massive queues to fights, blockades and less traffic on the roads! And we are not at war or anything.

We are in the middle of the what should be another lazy summer season. But this is anything but! There is nothing lazy about this summer and in spite of all the turmoil something appears to be shifting. Sideways and now maybe forward. Could it be? Could it?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer and other horror stories

There is a reason why we go to the beach; well probably there are a number of reasons, including to relax, run around semi-naked and 'society' accepting it as normal, feel the warmth of the sun on us etc etc.

Living in Greece, in Athens, these days does not come with a great number of benefits. Work prospects seem dismal, there is very little money floating about and most people seem depressed! BUT for most of us, the beach is not more than 40 minutes away, wherever we live. And the options are practically endless, but unfortunately so are the people. Last Sunday was particularly potent beach-going experience, as we went to visit a friend staying at a 'resort-like' suburb, we arrived at the beach to face an onslaught of everything! I have not seen so many people gathered in one place since the last concert I went to. This was not the beach, this was more like a movie set and all of us were actors in a very very strange production. It was by no means relaxing, people were actually fighting over places in the shade, places in the sun, chairs, showers and generally there was football-game-like tension.

Does this make for a relaxing Sunday morning? Probably not! On the way back after a very very short stay, I realised that the beach is a symbol we hold sacred, pretty much like the flag. "We went to the beach" is somehow a rebelious statement; we dare go to the beach and frolic in spite of the problems, the issues, the unemployment and the uncertainty. And obviously no matter what, because I cannot believe that aaaaaaaall these peole were having a good time. I certainly wasn't.

So the beach is the revolution... the one place were we can all feel equal no matter how much each one of us has spent on beach accessories. When in the water it does not make much of a difference.

I woke up Monday morning with the image of the rebelious Athenians at the beach, stuck in the traffic getting there, stuck in traffic getting back. And I felt almost proud; because resistance was not futile and people were making an effort. I smiled and then I remembered that a topless 6o-year old woman was trying to make conversation with my 3-year old son while he was trying to ascertain what to make of her. That's the beach... that's the revolution....

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

a beacon?

There are tunnels and then there are TUNNELS! I will not even pretend that I am in a tunnel, but mentally and psychologically I have been. However, there is no point... and even though poverty is always just a couple of months away, there is something to believe in. US! No, no, not the USA. US, as in you and me. I mean let's face it, no matter how bad things are, the only people who can make a difference in our lives is us. Sure, we need help but that is only an add-on.

So having realised this I sort of created an anchor for myself and realised the priorities... and that is working out well for me. For now at least.

This is will be essentially the last of my 'dark-times' post. There is no point to them anyway. I am sure there are darker times ahead, but this blog will turn around, and it will include 1 post every week on views and reviews and life. Good luck to us all and thanks for reading!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Long time, no write! It is of course my fault, but a lot has been happening! A nice, dense, thick weekend with tempers and laughter and reactions... and gossip.

I also decided that i DETEST those long pants that unzip right above the knee to become shorts! I mean if I see them around some more i will start talking to those wearing them.. and ask them why??? i mean get shorts and get pants!!! not all in one... it is not a shampoo!!!

I had to say that.

Now, I spend the day poolside yesterday. One of those dreamy pools that is not mine and is not public. Private but with the guestlist expanding every 10 minutes, it felt sort of public. I was wondering what it would feel like to own such a property and how would others perceive me, if I did. A lot of what we do and how we react is a matter of perception, our address, our clothes, our job. So would a pool change how you all see me?? Maybe... but I am pretty sure I would not like one... My mind is still set at a quiet penthouse downtown.. after aaaall this time, this little dream has not gone away. So maybe it means something!

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