Tuesday, 13 July 2010

a beacon?

There are tunnels and then there are TUNNELS! I will not even pretend that I am in a tunnel, but mentally and psychologically I have been. However, there is no point... and even though poverty is always just a couple of months away, there is something to believe in. US! No, no, not the USA. US, as in you and me. I mean let's face it, no matter how bad things are, the only people who can make a difference in our lives is us. Sure, we need help but that is only an add-on.

So having realised this I sort of created an anchor for myself and realised the priorities... and that is working out well for me. For now at least.

This is will be essentially the last of my 'dark-times' post. There is no point to them anyway. I am sure there are darker times ahead, but this blog will turn around, and it will include 1 post every week on views and reviews and life. Good luck to us all and thanks for reading!

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