Monday, 13 June 2011

A lot of what I write about deals with the ability to face the world - the inner strength to cope and deal with the situations that we are challenged with. Reading past entries I regret that so much of it talks about the need for inner strength, as if a special extra reservoir of power is needed for a simple day in the office. When will i learn??? This is it... as good as it gets, as bad as it gets, as everyday as it gets. The kids have fever, the emails are pouring, the stress is mounting, and the beach was relaxing, dinner was fantastic, and along with everything else -- this is everyday.

A long weekend..

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

We are fast approaching mid-June and as I try to hold my thoughts together my mind feels like exploding most of the time.

Friday, 3 June 2011

As I was waiting for my son to exit from his swim lesson two days ago, I noticed another father not too far from where I was standing. Almost 40 years old, generally non-descript -- and then I read his T-shirt "DRUNKEN LADIES - FREE BREATHALYZER TEST - BLOW HERE" with a bright arrow pointing down to his genitals. So I sat there bemused for a moment and ever since I have been asking myself the same question.. what kind of a father/husband/man a) wears something like that, and b) picks up their son from the gym dressed like that, with more kids around ???

And I am sure he knew what it said -- and even if he did not that massive arrow must have given some sort of clue!

Are people really that different? Are we fundamentally different and NOT cloned from a single mould millions of years back? Is it a baffling thought especially as we struggle to pretend how interconnented we all are -- I guess whoever thinks that has not seen that T-shirt!!!

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