Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Looking through key-holes

The other day I was sitting in a friend's balcony. One of those balconies tucked away at the back of the building, where it shares a somewhat limited space with other balconies, also tucked away in the back of their respective buildings. As we were talking, my eyes fell upon a door opposite me, shutters drawn. Don't know why I was looking there; maybe because I could hear a baby cry and I remember my baby crying in a hot summer's day.

When a man in his briefs opened the shutters and stood semi-naked in front of his window, I was amused. He saw me sitting there and immediately covered himself up with the curtain. I was more amused. I think the voyeur in me was amused more than anything else. Soon after that I fully refocused in my ongoing discussion.

What is it that grabs our interest when we see people act pretty much like we act when we think noone is looking? Why do we need to know? Or is it just me? Maybe the writer in me and the voyeur in me are in fact the same person!

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