Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My daily drive often takes me through the scenic route, a country road through what are probably ancient olive groves, raped by human progress. It really is a nice drive, shame about the actual narrow winding road.

Yesterday afternoon in the opposite lane I saw a silver Range Rover suddenly stop in the middle of the road. I was taking this scene in and wondering what moron would do that. The driver door swung open and a pair of shorts-wearing legs appeared. I immediately made the association "bimbo with great thighs and big car, typical". She had a cigarette in her mouth and her hair was up in a pony tail under her baseball cap. But then she surprised me, in fact she made me eat by stupid thoughts to my shame and repent.

She stepped in front of her car, bent over and pickep up a turtle that was silently, softly crossing the asphalt. She saved a life. As the queue was forming behind her, I realised that once again I fell victim to my preconceptions. I had done once again what I am trying desperately to teach my son not to do, generalise, judge and dismiss. I have been as bad as anyone who ever hated someone simply because they were black or Jewish or fat...

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  1. We all do that a certain points. I guess we get caught off guard and at a moment we forget what we preach. You are absolutely right. I try to stop myself from judging all the time and you know what, it feels beautiful.


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