Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Opening night + 2

Not sure what makes a writer who he is, but there is a certain brain connection that fires up when someone asks you: "And you are?" "I am the writer".... there is a lot to be said about the way we define ourselves and how we are perceived. I am not a writer, I have written a play which I was LUCKY enough to see on stage.. it was a feeling like no other, putting words in people's mouths like that.

And this morning my son asked "Dad have you got rehersal tonight?"... as I was pouring his milk at 7 am... what a question!! I wanted to laugh; rehersal tonight... I don't actually, and nothing is planned for tomorrow evening either, which means we can go back to our routine and be there for his 7pm swimming class. And you know what? that is fine with me. I may never be a writer, I will fight for it but I will be there for his swimming classes and that to him is important and that makes it important for me too...

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