Friday, 11 March 2011

There was a time when airports were buzzing... people were interesting, the traveling sort, and the place was a gateway rather than an 'enclosure' in itself. Nowadays I feel that airports are simply there to contain people rather than set them free on their way. Everyone looks dull, uninterested and most importantly un-interesting. It is a sad fate for the human forced to interface repeatedly in the airports of the world, all desensitized with the grim veil of uniformity. I was travelling over the past couple of days and there simply was no telling where I was. All airports look the same now.

I remember an argument regarding Athens' old airport - simply 'inappropriate', 'too small', 'too close to town', mostly correct all those arguments but that airport did feel like home, the entire construction reflected felt like it belonged in that capital and nowhere else. Now as throngs of sheep-like passengers are shuttled from one sad airport to the other, it makes no difference where they are going to or where they are coming from. We might as well stay home ...

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