Friday, 3 June 2011

As I was waiting for my son to exit from his swim lesson two days ago, I noticed another father not too far from where I was standing. Almost 40 years old, generally non-descript -- and then I read his T-shirt "DRUNKEN LADIES - FREE BREATHALYZER TEST - BLOW HERE" with a bright arrow pointing down to his genitals. So I sat there bemused for a moment and ever since I have been asking myself the same question.. what kind of a father/husband/man a) wears something like that, and b) picks up their son from the gym dressed like that, with more kids around ???

And I am sure he knew what it said -- and even if he did not that massive arrow must have given some sort of clue!

Are people really that different? Are we fundamentally different and NOT cloned from a single mould millions of years back? Is it a baffling thought especially as we struggle to pretend how interconnented we all are -- I guess whoever thinks that has not seen that T-shirt!!!

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