Friday, 28 August 2009

fight or flight

There is something to be said about peace of mind... the kind of peace you get only when children are asleep and for a moment or so there seem to be no worries in the world. It is not really linked to holidays at least not for me; holidays are Pause, they are not a Stop button, therefore all unsolved issues remained unsolved, we just put off their solution, which can be source of worry in itself.

I am usually worried, I spend my life worried, but lately I am starting to experience quite strong "flight" instincts. For me that is not an all good sign, when I start to get the urge to leave I eventually succeed but often the cost varies. This time I am not ready for any cost, but I do know that something has got to give and the tide must change. It could be of course that change is nothing but a state of mind which can eventually lead to peace but I have not figured that out either. For the time being I am struggling with the urge.... and peace is far from my mind!

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