Tuesday, 25 August 2009

It is the trees' fault... after four days of devastating fires sure to lead to flooding aside from the obvious ugliness, the official word is that the trees are partly to blame for the fires! you know, their shape, structure, position was provocative!! As incompetence, ignorance are hailed as 'government position', I cannot help but wonder what has gone wrong with us. It is obvious that we live in a country we deserve, run by people we deserve, so basically it is our fault.

What happens to humans with power? Why is power seen as nothing more than an entrance way to all those things we are groomed to envy all our lives?! A house on a hill... in the middle of the trees... away from everyone else... It seems to me that we are now more than ever prepared to do anything for money and getting what we want, burning a few acres of land, bribing a few officials etc etc etc. The price is constantly higher of course but we seem to accept it, because deep down we know that we might find ourselves in a similar position. Yes, we 'hate' all those bad people who go and built houses where once stood great pine trees... BUT we see the house with the pool and we know, we know what we are too scared to admit even to ourselves....

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