Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A few years ago I purchased a mobile phone that I simply thought was the stuff that technological miracles were made of! I loved the style, design and the general approach to technology... it was great. Why am I telling you this... a few months ago and 3 phones after my dream-phone I was given a new high-tech, 3G, touch screen contraption which was supposed to be the latest in mobile phone technology, a marvel of modern know-how and execution. I hated it... it unnerved me, it could not even obey my simplest commands and placing a call was in fact a chore.

Last Sunday I was cleaning out one of my drawers, and I saw my dream-phone, which I had carefully laid aside as my expectations changed due to the advent of new technologies. I felt angry that somehow I had been too weak to stand by my desires and instead fell victim to the ongoing marketing merry-go-round, want more, buy more etc etc. I did not need the high-tech phone that looked a kitchen tile!!! All I wanted was my dream-phone with the funky ring tones and the rounded-off design. So i replaced it. I am now walking around with a 2006 model!!!! much to the horror of my colleagues who cannot understand how this can be. And I feel great.

Resist... that is the only sound advice I can give to anyone willing to listen. Sure we will keep on buying and consuming, I am all for that, but we have to stay in touch with ourselves.. what we like, what we need and what we want. Really like and really want

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