Thursday, 10 December 2009

under pressure.....

I am a firm believer in down-time... our ability to switch off without sleeping! Lately I have found it increasingly difficult to switch off, as if my mind is rebelling to the notion of rest and relaxation and as a result I am constantly stressed. It is work, surroundings along with a number of factors that contribute to my mental demise and I am starting to realise that I will have to put an end to it very very soon if I value my sanity.

So down-time it is... even if it means planning ahead and making time amidst the perceived chaos. When your days last approx. 14hours of constant alert the precious 30min. left to relax in are extremely important. I therefore decided to infuse those 14hours with a higher degree of nonchalance, therefore trying to ensure my survival!!

I know that 2009 was disastrous for many people, I myself have felt the impact of this year to varying degrees and as we turn a leaf and move over to 2010, I find myself wishing for the same things as I on January 1st 2009, but now all the more fervently and passionately.

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