Thursday, 6 May 2010

"write about you, that's what people find interesting!" indeed, I had started this blog writing about me... not sure what happened; i think after a while, I started writing to me, like a letter to myself.

I heard one of the most significant people in my life shout at me yesterday "do you really think the world revolves around you??"... and it was a genuine question. It warranted an answer; it was not clear basically. And that scared me; if I give that impression, then what chance do I have? How can I convince anyone about anything? I really do not think that the world revolves around me, but is that the impression I give off?

It is a pretty sad one.

This morning I woke up in my usual "don't wake the baby up mode" with my usual stomach ache too. I was thinking that I have turned feline in my lack-of-noise-making! I can make a cup of coffee with the minimal amount of decibels produced. Oh it is holy time in the morning, and the earlier the better, all is quiet, all is just starting to wake up. And there am I with my soundless coffee, and my stomach ache wondering about the day, worrying about everything and wishing that a different day had started. A creative one, in a place not ravaged by all this anger...

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