Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Days are bright all of a sudden... there is only so much gloom a June morning can handle I suppose and rightly so. Last night we were once again faced with an onslaught of financial tragedy to come in the next few years. My wife and I turned the TV off and put on a DVD... old FRIENDS episodes... what is the point? I mean, we are not rich so hearing on TV that we will all probably die of starvation in our final years, is not likely to have a positive effect now does it?? But does it matter? I mean are we really expected to believe projections for 20, 30 years down the line? Recent experience shows that "news items" and "policies" are simply not worth the paper they are written on. So we all make do, one day at a time and plan our future as best we can. I have had enough of "scenarios" and live television debates on how I am going to survive on a 400EUR pension a month. Well I will not! Noone will survive on that, don't be idiots!!!!!! It is hardly a difficult mathematical conundrum!!

But still after all, this morning is shiny, oh how difficult it is to dampen the spirit and kill the mood. There is a flame there... unmistakable...

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