Monday, 14 June 2010

What if the child the you run after and worry about and try to keep off the balcony actually astounds you one day? In a nice way of course... I mean, some people 'make it', some people are happy and successful and not an embarassment... these people have parents! As I was watching my son perform his part in his school's summer play, a little song and dance along with the other toddlers, I was wondering...what would it feel like? I know all about how wrong it is to 'expect' and putting pressure on them but I am pretty sure he will not read this... so there!

What if?? :-)

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  1. Anonymous17:55

    i cried reading this...well you have written a lot 'worse' in terms of emotional charge...but this is top of the list! ...what if...i say, even if not, he is ours ...


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