Friday, 11 June 2010

It certainly has not been an easy week... but then again I struggle to look back and remember any easy weeks over the last year or so. Is it me? Am I seeing things the wrong way? I desperately need some rest but there is no let up, nothing to look forward to since the powers that be are simply intent on removing any morsel of self-satisfaction from our existence. This is how I feel. Taking pleasure in everyday events is a blessing and that is no longer the case. Everyday seems to be a mundane collection of moments, albeit some brighter than others. I know I am an extremely selfish man and I have been training myself to be otherwise; training has paid off but the cost has been great. And was it worth it? I wonder... I am not sure me or anyone around is oozing happiness because of it or whether they will in the future.

As I write these lines I can only think of rest... nothing else... just rest... away...

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