Monday, 28 September 2009

consolidate... or perish...

Well, I always thought that doors closing, windows opening, is all part of life. But open too many windows and suddenly you have a draft. So there is no winning... but I must say I prefer a draft than second-hand, stale air! There is a lot going on you see and when there is a lot going on I tend to lose focus but perhaps this is for the best. Focus and I do not really go hand-in-hand, I might as well admit it now and get it over and done with. So it is best not to focus too long on one thing and when I have the luxury to do that I am happiest.

I will never concentrate on one thing, that much I have gathered. I will have 2,3,4 projects on the go and hope they will work out. The problem is constantly finding new areas of stimulus... and surely this must be a finite list of items that "can raise for flag" for a long time. But for the time being, something is going well... something has given me wings... and like Daidalus I might crash but it feels like a good ride..

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