Wednesday, 16 September 2009

one of life's little jokes... routine

I was told that I need a break, that the routine might be getting to me... I was also told that I pay attention to small things too much and let them get to me.

The fact of the matter is that as we grow older putting up with routines is what we get to do best. In fact I do not mind my routine at all, it is the breaking of my routine that I mind and affects me negatively. And routine is all about small things, it is all about a succession of small things leading to the bigger whole. So of course small things get to me, they always have. But people get to me too... more people than ever before in fact and that kind of worries me.

What I know that is am going through a pretty cynical time right now although I never meant to; it is just that I need some sort of defence against the ineptitude of certain coworkers, the stupidity of fellow drivers, the injustice that surrounds me all around. All this of course should be part of the routine by now, but I refuse to assimilate them, you see... that is the problem! Accepting is approving and I cannot do that..

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