Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I go to this gym in my neighbourhood, nice enough place, known the people for years. There is one guy who refuses to say hello to me in there! It baffles me! He is there early in the morning as I am, talks to everyone apart from me. This morning it was the same. I think I need to fight the overwhelming desire I have for pleasantness and simply not care. However, it seems so intriguing to me and I cannot help but wonder. I should understand it; maybe he does not like my face, maybe he does not like the way I work out :) but in any case he pretty much refuses to talk to me...

For me of course that is a huge deal.

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  1. Anonymous15:12

    tuli mum said...

    well, the question should be why does it bother you..(us), since most of us can recall similar feelings...Its vanity ? Its insecurity? It's just this (small) fear of not being accepted? And we do not think that if we were to meet this guy at a social gathering or if we got to know him, we might totally dislike him...This is strange part! This thought is not the first in our minds...the first thought that hits us is 'why don't i get to be noticed ?' why do i get to be ignored ?
    And if i may exaggerate...isn't this the same drive that makes us 'chase the ones who run away'...its human nature...because we are inclined to do so.


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