Monday, 21 September 2009

Somewhere not far away, actually very near from here, life is carrying on... right now... but rather differently... weekends away are normal. We have them quite often. Escaping in the heart of September is a luxury I agree but we had to use our free air-mails so the Greek isles seemed ideal.

There is something to be said about island life... our life away from the city. They wake up, go about their business, have fights, love, hate, eat, sleep, have sex, get up again and another day begins but there is something different. The constant hum of the waves crushing, the lack of connectedness, the feeling of solitude unique to an islander. This is therapy in the shape of a land mass! I feel like I spent the weekend at a parallel universe... where i was convinced that life continued in the universe i came from but it did not really seem tangible, it was so far away from me.

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