Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Interesting pastimes hardly ever make it as 'worthy job aspirations'... and this is accepted by most! The other day an old friend of mine described to me how his boss threw at him a tower of boxes in a rage, right before he quit. Yet another friend mentioned her fuming rage as she was exiting a 15-minute staff meeting about developments at work.

Neither of those people of course is particularly fond of their day jobs, nor are their day jobs in any way remotely linked to what they actually like to do when they get a chance. But why are we simply resigned to the fact that our 9 - 17:00 existence (well not 17:00... 20:00 for most) is something to be viled and resented. It does not have to be, yet it is... and what is worse we are ok with it, because viled or not come the end of the month and we sigh a big sigh of relief that we are not destitute for another 2-3 weeks.

But there was a time and even working was fun and I remember it clearly! It was not even that long ago for most of us. It is not ancient history or some myth told around the office! Getting up in the morning and hurrying up in the shower so we could go to work. From what I hear, I was lucky to have ever lived through such a period at all, because most people have not... And now what? I am supposed to be ok with joining "most people"? I think not... I try every way that I can to make the most of my days and recapture a sense of fulfillment, achievement and even success, I dare say, which has long departed from my everyday pantheon of feelings and emotions at least in the workplace. But I am failing or I think I am.

And when we fail we are faced with the obvious question: do I keep on trying or change directions?

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  1. Anonymous16:45

    i have to say...i love the way you express yourself and put into words - carefully selected but still, very free spirited emotions and thoughts. Emotions and thoughts shared by 'most people' as you call them, who - however - might seek and enjoy the fulfillement they can get in their everyday life. Why should that be underestimated ? Maybe the change in direction should be towards ....less philosophising and more experiencing everyday life more....


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