Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I realised over the weekend that I had never REALLY heard anyone utter my name the way my son does... and I don't mean that cliche that it puts everything in perspective and nothing else really matters. A lot else matters but we learn to prioritise; so a lot else matters but I am now pretty certain that nothign really matters as much and that for me is a huges realisation. It was merely a suspicion but I know now. And I think every parent knows when they realise that their own life has become that little bit less important.

I guess there are a lot of people around expressing their views on parenting and the everyday complications and pleasures of it all, but I think we all fail in our insights to truly grasp 'their point of view'. I mean if you are short and overpowered and unable to express yourself clearly wouldn't you be frustrated? Let's face it, we are lucky that toddlers are as calm as they are given what they have going against them. But somehow, somewhere they make a breakthrough and they let us know what they are all about... and then we get a glimpse of their world imagivnary or not.. It is full of stories and running around and opening drawers and trying out new things, a neverending appetite for all things new. It is truly a magical quality to have and one that remains fundamentally human, the curiosity to understand the world.

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