Friday, 16 October 2009

the rain in Spain...

We are in the middle of the rain season it seems... and we are all the better and 'cleaner' for it. And there is plenty to wash away trust me.

But that is not the big issue of today, we are in the middle of cosmic rearrangement it seems because after 12 years in the workforce it might juuuuuuuuuuust be likely that I will be getting an office space all to myself. I am almost there right now but sharing is somehow not the same. I am therefore thinking that all this could very much change my own approach to work, I mean it is possible. I am very much into spaces around me and very much into defining them so that they do not end up defining me! I must say that is an interesting development, although it appears that it is raising eyebrows and it might not even happen but it is good to dream and somehow this little void of an event has created joy out of nowhere... just joy... is that not very very bizzare?

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