Tuesday, 6 October 2009

There is a sudden crashing realisation when faced with the middle-class reality of our existence. Middle-class status is really a burden on the mind and one is faced with ugly choices. For example when my income was really really low I knew and accepted that my choices were extremely limited so I was essentially 'satisfied' with my lot. I presume that really high incomes can afford a wide variety of choices that exceed the usual "paying rent and bills" and buying a couple of sweaters.

But middle incomes and middle classes are faced with this: "we will be ok, we will make do, we just need to cut from somewhere else".... In other words, we start entering a phase of financial rearrangement when it comes to our lives and our children's lives. In fact having or planning children forms part of a greater middle class equation... shall i? can i cut from somewhere else? should i? could i? It is a terrrible choice and one that burdens me almost daily... this is not a sweater, this is not a choice about a new car or a pair of shoes... it saddens me to think that giving life is reduced to measurements, how much i make, how big is my house, how much do i pay for rent??

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