Tuesday, 13 October 2009

life in the fast lane or not....

People around me keep commenting on the values of leaving the 'big city-living' behind and going off to a village somewhere and let the kids grow a bit wild, as they should, picking berries and climbing pine trees in the wilderness. It sounds very appealing, I even know a couple of acquaintances who have 'dared' to take the plunge and go for it. Whether they look back or not I am not sure about, but nonetheless it is a decision filled with anticipation and awe, at least in my eyes.

I am fed up with cities; have been living in them for most of my life. And now I have a choice to play house in big-time suburbia, I have been thinking about it in earnest and it is something that my wife and I have discussed in varying degrees of sincerity. But I am not convinced that children will thank me for it. Something about small-town mentalities scares me, makes me apprehensive, because it is one thing moving to a picturesque village in your 30s and quite another growing up there, having known nothing else as home, quite different. Am I ready to deprive my son of the choices I had as a child or a teenager and present him with a host of other opportunities. Do I even have the right to make that choice?

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