Monday, 8 February 2010

I have a feeling that this is fast turning into a parenting blog! Either that or simply this is still a blog about me but lately parenting is simply too huge a part of me to contain in the same boxes as the other parts of me.

In fact it seems to be taking over areas I would rather it did not but it seems unavoidable, and in fact sometimes I feel I am more of a father than anything else. And that is scary because I fear that I, we still have not found the balance that we have been striving for, for over 2 years. So what now? How do I make this? How do I find the patience at 7:00 am without a drop of coffee in me, without socks to actually argue against ice-cold milk in the bottle (??) to a 2 year-old who is convinced he is right.. Parenting gives you strength, it might give you dark circles but it gives you strength in an unorthodox way, it pushes to your ugliest limits, kicking and screaming sometimes and it forces you to face them and by facing them you are creating new ones. But it is painful, exhausting and altogether not that pleasant.

It is just me? do others take it at their stride? am i somehow unable to instill a feeling of quiet calmness about the home? i am wondering... as I gaze at our inadequacies I cannot help but wonder whether or not this is how scars are made in the human psyche....

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