Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It is with interest that I watch toddler-son go through everyday. I think the science in me has re-emerged again and all I want to do is study him... i catch him react to the world, our grown-up world in such a unique, child-like way and i find myself envious of what we 'adults' have lost forever. Yesterday he decided he would spin round and round in his room so he asked me to cover a table corner with my hand so he won't hurt himself when he falls down. That's ingenuity for you!
It must be one hell of a ride and even though my childhood was not particularly something to remember, I would not mind growing up again... all I do now is grow old! It is not the same thing. So first I need to grow young, then grow down, so I can start growing up again, not an altogether easy task.

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