Monday, 4 January 2010

back for more....

.... I have missed being online, not during the first few days but last weekend it hit me... I have this 'thing' about vacations, I need them to be real holidays, real breaks, away from keyboards, mobile internet, ADSL, and i crave for a time when I will be able to turn off my mobile and feel secure that everything will be ok in my world!

In any case my break was indeed a break, away from keyboards and connections! I longed for 2010 to start, not sure why, I guess once again I am looking for new challenges picking up on new threads and trying to see them through and actually wanting too! That is the key... I want 2010 to be a way out, but also I want light, lots of it, a way out of the clouds. I thought long and hard about those clouds you see and I have decided that I will do something about them and 2010 will point the way, or I will make it!

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