Monday, 25 January 2010

I realised that our life is a lot about control... we lack it and we strive for it and I think that happiness if very much dependent on our acceptance of the fact that we simply do not have control over major things in our life.

As i was putting the lights out last night, I realised that I was content with my 'rituals' my little control ceremonies were pleasing to think about and expect at the same time. But why?? What is so important? I think that in the times we live in and our constant doom bombardment we desperately need to hold on to something and if it is not our jobs, or job satisfaction then at least let it be our sense of control over the things that we need or can control. The crossover into the dark side begins when our need for control spills over on to our children our wives, husbands and those we love.

I have control over my 2.5 year-old son but am I controlling him? Am I exerting control over his little life? Should I not control? Such a misguided sense of parenting... As a parent, a loving parent, I object to classifying him as an object of control but I wonder if love is essentially an expression of control... and that is why we seek it for the best part of our lives

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