Wednesday, 13 January 2010

This morning as I was going to the gym, in vain it seems given my recent weight gain, I saw a SAAB pull out of a driveway, be-tied and be-spectacled, respectable driver behind the wheel with a 4-5 year old in the back. This was around 8am. So obviously this was a school run to be followed by the obligatory drive to the office. An office job that can provide for the family, pay for the house in the suburbs and the SAAB of course and a lot else besides I am sure.

I remember a few years, holidaying with my then girlfriend and organising my return to Greece permanently and thinking, believing, wishing that I could get a job like that, with the suit and the tie and the SAAB.. well the SAAB I still like but growing has made me realise that happiness and professional satisfaction are rarely attached to ties, suits or other pieces of clothing. I am heading towards the unknown, following a dream I had been meaning to follow for years and I just never really knew how and I feel all the richer for it. Not all dreams come true, and this might not but we owe it to ourselves to see them through somehow.

Today is an important day... so wish me luck! :-)

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  1. Anonymous18:27

    ..SAAB is about to be sold !!! whatever shines, is not gold, not for ever, at least.


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