Friday, 8 January 2010

time goes by

Well it is officially 2010... and I say officially because the festivities are over and I know they are because I am almost officially broke!

And I feel ok about that, as we embark on new adventures, apparently we need empty heads and empty pockets. There is something about that combination that seems to drive us forward. The more we succeed in 'evicting' trivial and negative thoughts from our mind the more space we reserve for imagination and creativity. Think about it...

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  1. Anonymous18:07 is a bold statement to say that you could have an 'empty' head...i believe it is hard and - inevitably - requires something new to come along, first, so that it will push the older things away! But i cannot imagine emptying my head, prior to that. And actually, maybe that is the key. TIMING. First...empty head, then, let imagination and the new, come in. .......tulismum


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