Monday, 18 January 2010

If I see one more middle-aged woman in my gym reading a gossip magazine whilst on the treadmill, I swear I will come in the next day with a copy of the hardest hardcore porn magazine I can find and leaf through it next to the water cooler!! For ALL to see!!!

CONCENTRATE for God's sake, this is not the hairdresser's.. I GET IT they are bored, and most of them are well-off and idle so what to do, best go to the gym and meet some more of their kind and exchange nonsensical statements for about 1 hour or so and then move on somewhere else. It annoys me, it infuriates me and not only do they read magazines... BUT they talk, they chatter... so loudly in fact that the sound of my iPod cannot drown them out.. and believe me drowning them is pretty high on my agenda!!

I do not mean to sound so horrible, I think I am an ok guy but COME ON! I have never tried to interrupt anyone's workout or go to the gym for any reason other than to work out, and I am on a tight schedule. But I have got it all wrong.. I am sure, life is not for me to enjoy, it is for them, lazy queens with a pastime.. that is how they see it so perhaps I should as well!!!

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