Monday, 2 November 2009

OK so blogging is like sending an email to noone and everyone at the same time, one of those random 'spam' emails we receive on a daily basis from friends and friends of friends of friends, in the address book of whom our emails simply appeared... It is also therapy, an instant gateway to cyber universe, like opening a window to a starless night sky. The truth is that blogging is everything and none of the above; I am actually writing more or less regularly even though I am convinced and I in fact know that noone is reading any of these posts or at least most of them.

So why go on? Because writing is about sharing to a very grand scale, and i write and i will post it up here even if noone gets to read what I am writing. I would love for everyone to read this, I cannot tell a lie but it would it make a huge difference to the content? probably not... what it would do is give me pleasure, and lots of it, but somehow I was not destined to derive pleasure from my literary skills... which is kind of a bummer really, because deep down I would have liked to... really really really liked to....

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There is not much to say that is not covered in my posts... this blog was created because, well because writing has been a passion of mine and communicating is high up there on the list too...