Monday, 15 March 2010

Mellow Yellow... I want to make a CD; when I was younger we used to make tapes, I remember making a compilation tape for my then girlfriend at 20 something, and I thought it was a bid deal. She did not like half the songs in it, it turned out! But now for my CD I know what songs I want on it, dawn songs... and I have plenty of those. Not songs that talk about the dawn, but which can be listened to at dawn.

This morning I saw the day breaking, sure it was cloudy but the dawn was right there. My son's nose was blocked and he was crying and in the middle of the chaos I looked out and there it was, dark and then light... dawn... the most beautiful sight... So yes I want to make a CD with 'dawn' songs.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Anonymous17:35

    Song suggestions...(better late than never)
    -- If i could find words....(to tell you i'm sorry)
    -- Jealousy (Pet shop boys)
    -- Close to you (DJ know)
    -- ....this is for now


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