Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Most flavours in our lives are bittersweet; the grand mixed in with the miserable, the happy with the sad, the suprising with the mundane. Great news can be shadowed by bad news but I think we are successful when we manage to separate the two... grand is grand... and that's that.

From the onset this week has shown particular promise and I am taking on lessons that I have only briefly considered in the past. Be patient, be strong, be resilient and above all believe in yourself. I have added a new one... believe in others too.. that was particularly hard for me! I have no faith in others, I have always believed that people are not to be relied upon, to call or inform you or be there 100% when you need them. Maybe I am the same, but I realised last week that good fortune comes from when you learn to let go and learn to work with others, and be easy with the thought that they will keep up their end of the deal, and you know what? sometimes they do... and this is good. I have rediscovered my faith in people... somewhat... and I am wondering what comes next.

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