Tuesday, 23 June 2009

crossing lines and back again..

Is there a giant bell that tolls and summons those for whom change is coming up or long overdue? And do these people go away and prepare for that change and make it happen? Just what is it that makes us say the big YES and take the plunge? How much should we tolerate or put up with before we do? Worst-case scenario someone else decides for us, but that may be because we have been hesitating for too long. And in these turbulent times, decisions suffer and those who take them often suffer too. Change is sacrificed out of fear for the unknown

Change is nourishment; it allows us to set new goals, reevaluate ideas and reconsider our position... but going about it is not very nourishing at all! It is exhausting and the doubt and the worrying is almost certain to act as deterrents.. but one thing we should be aiming for is a chance to make the difference in our lives and we deserve that at least

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  1. super09:51

    change is vital and if someone is afraid of it...then it is even more vital that he/she finds the means to overcome it...first of all by getting into a different mindset. We are prejudiced - those of us that declare to fear chang - and we hide behind that statement - i am afraid of change. What we choose to forget is that all of us have had to go through changes more often than we tend to remember. Some of it good...some of it not so good...however most of the times the common ground is that we 'enjoyed' at least the process of change..the process of viewing our selves in a different environment or state of mind. Truth is that we all have enormous potential and if it is not used up it will eventually 'bore us to death'. I really want to try and convince my self that 'change is not just ANOTHER option, it is the ONLY option' and that's how i should try and go about with my life...


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