Thursday, 25 June 2009

filtering and other tasks

I was always under the impression that communication is the solution to most problems. You know, keeping communication channels open for signal transmission and reception at all times. I was corrected this morning; while I was boasting that all my communication channels are open hence my tendency to constantly react to my environmental stimuli, I was in fact corrected by a friend who pointed out that what I suffer from is not a lack of communication but rather an overt level of signal processing. In other words not just transmission and reception but a lot more besides.

This is in fact a great notion; my 'problem' lies in the over-analysis of the signals I receive and likewise with the signals I transmit. Could this be? Are we becoming too analytical for our own good? Is there always a hidden meaning? And should we care even if there is one?? This last question I am particularly fond off.

Learning to put barriers up is an art form; barriers are usually full of windows, big gates, tiny doors and general gaps that can open and close at will. Some of us maybe never got round to putting up those barriers in the first places, so every tide washes away everything, leaving us in the midst of destruction at its aftermath. I might not have wall-building skills but at last I might have a little more insight... and that can go a long way

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