Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ears, throats and possibly noses

You would think that with a 21-month old son in the house, the one susceptible to infections and ailments would be him! Well this is the 4th time in less than 3 months that I seem to me coming down with something albeit, throat-, nose- or ear-related.

Mind you I am not the world's most easy-going 'patient', hell I am not even my building's most easygoing patient but still I find it unfair. The fact of the matter is that I am looking forward to getting over this new painful ear of mine, not least because there is only so long one can stand 35 degrees without the A/C on.

Speaking of 35 degrees, with the summer firmly upon us perhaps the thing to do is more blogging and less concentrating on work... but...

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  1. I love mondays, well the concept of mondays because here in dubai it is sundays that are our mondays....but in london i never liked sundays, the stillness of sundays is something i never liked, so mondays everyone is out and about again and things are moving....


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