Thursday, 25 June 2009

i had a dream...

I woke up this morning trying to put the pieces of last night's dream together. I was definitely on a game show, that much I remember. Some sort of question-answer thing, like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. For some bizarre reason it was stuck in my head that shoes were not allowed on the TV set and I was walking barefoot throughout. There was a host, loads of lights and I remember walking on what a resembled a basketball court and thinking that I should have worn shoes. I even remembered the type of questions that would be directed at me but we never went that far in the game.

I also remember very distinctly an overwhelming sense of fear and worry that I would get the first question wrong or draw a blank, make a fool of myself and be escorted out!

I was not really afraid of losing, you win some you lose some. It was the disgrace that filled me with fear! Like so much else in life, saving face is more important than the reason behind it. In any case, I do not find it all that surprising that that particular dream formulated itself in my neurons over the course of the night. In actual fact this is probably the only dream I should be having for the last few months, given my state of mind when awake. After all, why should we expect our sleep not to mirror our mood? I woke up actually tired of the mental anguish and it was not until several sips of my coffee later that I realized that art might imitate life but life itself imitates sleep patterns!

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