Monday, 13 July 2009

all i want in life...

I read somewhere "all I want in life is a pleasant woman who will like me"... Very interesting insight into male mentality, and indeed for most of us it is true but there is a pathetic ring to this statement simply because the gentleman in question (an otherwise pretty upbeat 29-year old) has conveniently neglected to comment on his feelings. It sounds as if it is taken for granted that he will like her, as long as she likes him... not even loves him, just likes him.

As we grow older, are we really becoming more desperate? Are we really lowering our standards? and when is the cut-off point? I think this is not the case... I see it around me, I see it in me, as I grew older, I raised my standards expecting more, from people, from relationships and it is happening right now. All I want in life is what I have and more. That is not greed, it is our quest for evolution, our need to grow based on solid foundations. I am not sure if I am lucky, hardworking, lazy, careless or whether I believe in chance, but I do know that life has very "few" presents, most of what we think is given to us, we pay for and we grow to deserve in one way or another.

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  1. Anonymous14:48

    For some it's not greed, but for others it is.
    When you've got your head screwed on right, and you know the limits of what you can or will ever attain, then it's OK.
    But for some, there is no limit to their desires (desires in the negative sense). For some, making 50K a year but spending twice that, is, in my opinion, greed.
    And yes, I also agree that life has 'few' presents, but others believe that they are entitled to many things, without having ever lifted a finger.
    Unfortunately, it is the latter group that for some strange reason set the bar for others.


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