Monday, 13 July 2009

money can't buy it...

To be honest there is very few things money cannot buy... but it is worth pondering on those sometimes so that us not-rich folk can feel good about ourselves and carry on with our illusions!

This weekend money did go a long way though... bought us some tranquility by the beach and great food BUT it did not buy the smile on my son's face and for that I am grateful. Nor did it buy a sleep-in on Sunday morning on the sofa with wife and son. That cost nothing and that is what I remember on Monday morning and what I am writing about on my blog so it must have had some impact.

As I wonder what the week has in store I try to hold my breath and weather the storm that is brewing... I hate storms, I am sick and tired of them. And unfortunately money CAN buy those, or rather money can sell those... alas

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