Monday, 6 July 2009

keep in touch...

Such is our need to connect that we are willing to devise and take part into complex technological schemes to ensure we stay in touch with our cousins living just outside Oakland, New Zealand and to whom we have spoken all of twice in our lives! So why do it? why take part in the social networking wave?

There is a simple answer to this question and many complicated ones, I am sure. As we "edit our profiles" we realise that displaying our emotions and letting others comment on them appears to be a vital part of our online existence. It is of course part of our effort to infuse the web with humanity. In our day-to-day conversations we can shout, be sweet, be quiet and even fight if we have to and all that just by ranging the volume of our voice and using body language... but online whatever happens TimesNewRoman looks the same, even if we choose Bold as an option, no matter how angry or in love we are!

So do we keep on networking? or should we just pick up the phone?

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  1. tuli09:37

    ...pick up the phone!
    however, i tend to disaggree...about how much emotion we can express via TimeNewRoman. There is a very strong element there : you can read again and again and again...and build on it, and discover new meanings, and read between the lines. Whereas verbally...there is no rewind... and (by the way, who is the cousin outside Oakland??? )


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