Monday, 27 July 2009

end credits... for summer renovation

There is a reason why we put up with so much ugliness around us... and the reason is weekend outings. For us blessed enough to live near enough to the coast, going to beach can indeed indeed be a simple process. We spent the entire day by the sea yesterday, and I must say it was worth the 10min traffic jam we faced on the way back.

As the city is slowly winding down for summer holidays, we ponder the end of a merciless winter-spring season. Wasn't just the 'financial crisis' that drove most of us to our wits end this winter, it was a continuous pressure to continue putting up with an overwhelming pressure on most fronts. But we survived, with a few more scars to show for it, a few more aches and pains that warrant further investigation and a bit more stressed. But we survived, and as we hope to pack and bid farewell to our lovely city for a few weeks we wonder, I wonder whether there will be any strength to make the return journey when the time comes.

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