Thursday, 2 July 2009

I feel stuffed... as in EATEN A LOT!! for the past couple of days I seem to have developed a far-too-healthy-for-my-waistline appetite. It could be a sign, I could be missing wife and son too much (am currently on a business trip) and choose food as a way out. Although that seems a bit far fetched to me.

During one of my food escapades yesterday I had dinner at a really interesting eaterie serving everything from crustaceans to strawberries with cream. While I was consuming some french fries, I heard the most wonderful utterance from my dinner partner: "I often wonder about those people's homes, don't you?". Actually I didn't but apparently my friend daydreams about the internal state of people's homes. Strangers that she sees on the street. Given my unique warped sense of excitement I found this fascinating and digged some more. My friend actually tries to picture where the sofas are placed, whether it was all done in good taste and whether the place is a mess when the people leave for work in the morning!

I immediately could not help but envy such a brilliant chain of thought! Utterly pointless of course but brilliant nonetheless! And of course I have been thinking about it ever since... all those little things we wonder about. Living in cities means proximity, our flats are stacked on top of one another so it is easy to see my friend's point. We interact with strangers all the time, we see them close to us sharing nearby tables, using the lift or sitting really close to them in the cinema. Do they wonder about us? Of course they do! Well at least I think they do, because if they don't then this post is verging on the weird!! :))

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