Wednesday, 8 July 2009

So it is either anxiety, stress, a fatal disease or everything combined but for the last few days I have a constant weight on my chest... like I cannot draw breaths as deeply as I would like. Apart form my constant belief that I am dying, I have no other way to rationalise this. I have had X-rays, cat scan and heart check-ups a few weeks ago with a clean bill of health at the end of it. So what is this? What rare combination of events has my brain lined up this time to result in this??

Well what can I say? I should try and put it out of my mind but I am not entirely sure I have the capacity. And besides it is not as if, my brain and I are strangers! If I have to stop thinking about it, my brain has to tell my brain to do something, which is sort of an oxymoron... I will do my best but I expect very little in return...


  1. I guess we all know the feeling. I beleive that it has nothing to do with health and has nothing to do with the brain telling the brain to stop thinking about IT, maybe it is to stop thinking all together that might help. :)

  2. if only!! :))


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