Friday, 17 July 2009

calm and patience

it is to blow up... it is easy to receive an email/phonecall and immediately react... I have done it sooo many times. But no more! There is really something to be said about lag-time and delayed reaction! I think I will make my mid-year resolution not to get entangled in these messes, especially when I am in the right, or right as I perceive it.

Our days are filled with angry emails and unheard of statements... we can feel our hearts race as we process the info. We feel heart attacks coming on as we force ourselves not to scream. But there is no reason... really... calmness is the only tool we need to muster!

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  1. If we can only ALWAYS muster calm and poise :)
    I have made that resolution too, well many many times. It seems to become more effective the more you make it. If we could just stop those phone calls !! :)


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